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Learn Windsurfing

Learn Windsurfing

Beginners generally start off learning to windsurf on a large board with a tiny triangular sail in less than 5 knots of wind on a shallow lake. The development of new, wider (80 to 100 cm), high volume (more than 200 liters) beginner boards has made starting off in the sport a lot easier.  

Beginners must develop their balance and core stability, acquire a basic understanding of sailing theory, and learn a few techniques before they can progress from sailing to planing:

These basic steps are:

1. Standing on the board while holding the sail and balancing the weight of the sail leaning to one side with the sailor's weight leaning out on the other side.

2. Leaning the sail towards the front and rear of the board and learning how this is used to turn the board by adjusting the relative positions of the centre of weight of the whole sail/board/sailor combination and the centre of pressure of the wind in the sail.

3. Learning to adjust the amount of pressure in the sail while simultaneously counteracting that pressure by leaning the sailor's body in or out from the board

Take a course

Little training is needed to get on the water, however if you have never been before we recommend you take a beginner course. The UK has are lots of centres who can provide friendly, safe and fun tuition. Why not go on-line to find a course?

Beginners Course from £100

Taking a course will help you master this dynamic sport more quickly and discover the thrills which make it so popular.

You can expect to be on the water on your first day. A taster session will familarise you with the equipment and teach you the basic tecniques such as how to get balanced, turn and steer the board. Everything you need to get you up and going, having fun windsurfing back & forth!

There are hundreds of centres across the UK that run windsurfing courses; the RYA, one of the largest, run the National Windsurfing Scheme for adults and the Youth Windsurfing Scheme for children. If you are under 15 years old then the RYA’s Team15 could be for you, its a great way in to trying windsurfing with people your age

These courses are also offered abroad by activity holiday specialists such as Neilson and Sunsail. Please take look at our holiday section