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Buy a Windsurfing Board

Buy a Windsurfing Board

Once you have learnt how to Windsurf you may want to buy your own board and rig. Prices for boards can range significantly from less than £250 for a second-hand board and up to £1,000+ for a new one. 

These costs are only a rough guide and may vary depending on the type of 'sailing' you are doing, just make sure you shop around and talk to a professional when buying who can give you some good advice based on your level of skills.







What does it cost?

Beginners package (incl board, mast, boom & mast base) from £640

Second-Hand Board from £250

New Board from £800

New Sail from £125

Mast from £180

Mast Base from £30

Boom from £125

Buoyancy Aid from £30

Wetsuit under £100