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SUP Training

SUP Training

Learning to standup paddleboard is fast and fun. Once you have mastered the basics on calm water, you can develop your skills to the next level, moving on to longer paddles or paddle boarding in small surf.

Many clubs offer a “Ready to Ride” or “Beginners” package that is designed for people who have never tried standup paddleboarding before, and want to learn the basics. Courses usually teach you how to carry the board and paddle, paddling technique, different types of turns, self rescue, how to fall safely as well as how to plan expeditions and the basics of stance in surf. The package is intended to get you up on the board and out of the water safely, ready to have fun!


Join a Club

SUP is growing rapidly and there are increasing number clubs around the UK, and many hold open or taster days for you to try them out before joining as a member. Why not give them a call or go on-line and find your next opportunity.

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Take a course

Little training is needed to get on the water, however if you have never been before we recommend you take a beginner course. The UK has are lots of centres who can provide friendly, safe and fun tutuion. Why not give them a call or go on-line and find a course?

Beginners Course from £45

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