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Buy a SUP

Buy a SUP

You don't need to spend a fortune to get started paddleboarding, and to enjoy the views as you cruise British rivers and canals, or the thrills of surfing waves and whitewater. Prices for boards can range significantly from less than £250 for a second hand craft and from £500 or more for a new one.

Types of SUP Board

SUP boards come in different lengths and widths depending on the type of riding that you will be doing. SUP are usually made from foam for buoyancy, have deck grip to prevent any slips and have a reinforced standing area, rails, nose and tail.

Inflatable boards provide the ultimate travel solution for those looking for Standup Paddleboarding performance in a bag.

Longer boards are better for flat water or larger riders, these boards glide through the water smoothly giving a stable comfortable ride. If you want to do a mixture of flat water cruising and surfing then look for something between 10'5" - 13'.

If you think you will be doing mainly surfing then a board between 9'8" - 11'5" long would be better. In terms of width, the board should not be less than 30" wide as it will be unstable  If you weigh more than 88 kgs or your balance isn't great you might want to consider a board 32-34" wide.

Childrens SUP boards from £340

Inflatable SUP boards from £500

General SUP boards from £570

Touring SUP boards from £330