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Canoe Training

Canoe Training

Join a Club

There are lots of Canoe clubs around the UK and many hold open or taster days for you to try them out before joining as a member. Membership fees are around just £40 so why not give them a call or go on-line and find your next opportunity.

To find a British Canoe Union ( BCU ) approved canoe centre or club click here 

Take a course

Little training is needed to get on the water, however if you have never been before we recommend you take a beginner course. The UK has are lots of centres who can provide friendly, safe and fun tuition and beginners Course from £20. Check out our Canoe training providers (in the right hand column) and you can go on-line or call to find a course.

Taking lessons at a centre is a fun, safe way to learn how to paddle and good for making friends and meeting like-minded people and all the equipment is provided. The course will teach you all the basics - how to paddle and steer, and how to get out of your canoe should it turn over ( capsize ). Most centre also have changing facilities and showers, and it is a good idea to take a set of dry clothes.

If you plan on sea or estuary canoeing, it's best to wait until you have more experience, and learned about winds, tides and currents.


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