RIB Locations

RIB Locations

RIBs and sports boats are suitable for use on inland waterways and at sea. Before you launch your boat, you should check if there are any restrictions on the area as there are speed limits near shore and certain craft are not always welcome. There are lots of clubs and associations in the UK who organise a range of social events, expeditions and competitions. Many clubs provide access to slipways, which allow you to launch your boat.

Where can you launch your RIB?

A 4-5m RIB is suitable for estuaries, large lakes and lochs, and short coastal trips in good weather. Larger than this and you can consider longer passages, preferable in company with another boat. Over 7.5m and you can cross the Channel, again preferably with another boat.

Because it can be towed behind a car, you can take a Rigid Inflatable Boat to new cruising areas round the UK, or even take it abroad. With its sturdy hull, and outboard that can be raised, you can come into a beach, but must take care not to damage the propeller on the bottom, and must keep a careful look out for swimmers. You also need to make sure you are not stranded if the tide goes out.

Hire a Boat 

Renting a sports boat or RIB is a great way to test whether it is for you and there are also Private Charters for groups or those wanting longer trips.

Rib Ride 1 Hour trip   Adult £20 / Child £15
Day Hire ( Recreational - 4 seat boat ) £10 ph / £65.00 per day