RIB Equipment

RIB Equipment

To use a RIB or sports boat you will need the boat, an engine, and a trailer. Most dealers will put together a suitable package for your needs, which will include mooring ropes and fenders. In addition you will need life-jackets for every person on board, and warm waterproof coats.

Water Safety

For safety you will need a waterproof hand-held VHF radio, plus a licence for its use. A fully-charged mobile phone in a waterproof case is a useful back-up. You will also need charts of the waters you will be travelling in, plus possibly a portable chart-plotter for more adventurous trips. You will need a pack of flares for signalling should you have an emergency, suitable for inshore or coastal waters, plus a knife, tool-kit and small first-aid kit. A waterproof bag for spare clothes and cameras is a good idea.

RIB Equipment Costs

Buoyancy Aid from £30
Licence £30 p.a
Life Jacket from £30

These costs are only a rough guide and may vary.