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Buy a RIB or Speed Boat

Buy a RIB or Speed Boat

Equipped with powerful engines, sports boats and RIBs have small deck areas and are designed to travel at high speeds and larger boats are capable of travelling large distances quickly. This makes them ideal for entertaining friends, family, and discovering new places.

The type of boat that you want depends on the type of boating that you want to do and where you want to travel. Smaller boats can be kept at home, easily tranpsorted and launched whereas larger boats require a berth or storage in a dry-stack. However, if you intend to graduate onto longer passages a large boat will be more suitable.

Check out this first Chapter of "Getting Afloat" by Emrhys Barrell to help you work out what you need to know to start making your decisions on buying a RIB or Sportsboat. You can read the first chapter here or go to

Price Information

  • Rigid Inflatable Boat (4.5m) + engine and trailer £12-14,000 (New)
  • Rigid Inflatable Boat (4.5m) + engine and trailer £8-10,000 (Second hand)

* Prices for sports boats and RIBS range significantly from less than £3,000 for a second hand sports boat up to £100k for a luxury 9 metre cabin RIB. These costs are only a rough guide and may vary.

You can reduce the cost by joining a shared-ownership scheme. This will also allow you to own a larger boat than if you buy it outright.

When buying a Sports Boat or RIB, don't forget to budget for additional costs such as moorings, insurance, lifting, fuel and maintenance. 

You should also check that the boat complies with the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD). The RCD sets the minimum requirements of a boat, guaranteeing its suitability for sale and use within the European Union.