Buy a Cruiser or Power Boat

Buy a Cruiser or Power Boat


The cost of motor cruisers vary greatly depending on the size, specification and type of cruising that you will be doing. Sport motor cruisers feature large deck areas and swimming platforms with steering controls in the cabin and on the fly bridge, while motor yachts tend to lean toward comfort with large indoor salons, sleeping berths and other amenities to enhance your enjoyment on a long cruise.

Equipped with powerful engines, sleeping berths, a kitchen and many modern home amenities, motor cruisers are able to travel large distances quickly and have the capacity to stay on the water for days. This makes them ideal for entertaining friends, family, discovering new places or adventuring from country to country.

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Sunseeker Travado 40          from £40,000 (second hand)

Princess 30DS                       from £36,000 (second hand)

Sealine S24                           from £28,000 (second hand)

* These costs are only a rough guide and may vary.  Prices for motor yachts range significantly from less than £10,000 for a second hand yacht, right up to millions of pounds for luxury models such as Princess and Sunseeker.

When buying a motor yacht or motor cruiser, don't forget to budget for additional costs such as moorings, insurance, lifting, fuel and maintenance 

You should also check that the boat complies with the  Recreational Craft Directive (RCD). The RCD sets the minimum requirements of a boat, guaranteeing its suitability for sale and use within the European Union.

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