Large Barge

Barge Equipment

Barge Equipment

Most boats come equipped with all the mod cons such as televisions, dvd players, toilets, showers, and kitchens, and there is no need for you to take any equipment.

Despite the name, narrowboats are surprisingly spacious with plenty of headroom, and come in different lengths depending on the number of berths you need. To use a a barge you will need the boat, an engine, and a trailer. Most dealers will put together a suitable package for your needs, which will include mooring ropes and fenders. In addition you will need life-jackets for every person on board, and warm waterproof coats.

Water Safety

For safety you will need a waterproof hand-held VHF radio, plus a licence for its use. A fully-charged mobile phone in a waterproof case is a useful back-up. You will also need charts of the waters you will be traveling in, plus possibly a portable chart-plotter for more adventurous trips. You will need a pack of flares for signalling should you have an emergency, suitable for inshore or coastal waters, plus a knife, tool-kit and small first-aid kit. A waterproof bag for spare clothes and cameras is a good idea.

Equipment Costs

Buoyancy Aid from £30
Licence £30 p.a
Life Jacket from £30
These costs are only a rough guide and may vary.


Chandleries are boating stores that stock boating supplies and equipment such as clothing, safety equipment, rope, security equipment, fenders, furnishings, engine parts, cover and canopies, paints etc. Chandleries have spread right across the canal and inland waterway system in the last 30 years and larger chandlers can carry thousands of items to enable you to maintain or to completely fit out a canal boat. Most marinas and boatyards have a chandlery so you don't have to worry about planning ahead. Although if you want to buy before you set off many canal chandlers now offer mail order and online purchase.