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Published on: 11 April 2017

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The River Thames Guide app offers an interactive map of the River Thames from Lechlade to the Thames Barrier, with plenty of overlays including marinas, pubs and fishing, plus a journey planner, bridge headways, weather, current conditions and useful boating and river advice.

River Thames Guide appThe River Thames Guide is the only app dedicated to leisure on the River Thames. The app is free to download and there are online and offline versions for iOS, Android, Amazon, Windows 10 and macOS, meaning the app can be used on a tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop.

River Thames Guide screenshot

Key features

  • Interactive map which can be overlaid with any mix of yards, marinas, slipways, moorings, pubs, hotels, fuel, sanitation, fishing, emergency rendez-vous points and more
  • Journey planner with river distance, time and number of locks
  • Bridge headways
  • Weather
  • Current conditions from Lechlade to the Thames Barrier
  • Useful boating and river advice

The full version of the River Thames Guide has the maps built in, so works without an internet connection. For users with less device storage, River Thames Guide Lite has the same functionality but requires an internet connection to display the interactive map.

To download the app visit and follow the instructions for your device, or simply search for 'River Thames Guide' in your app store.

The Environment Agency no longer provides emails with current river conditions. App users can see the current conditions for all sections of the non-tidal river, however, the app support site provides setup instructions enabling users to receive real-time condition updates for selected river sections. Taking just a few minutres to set up this will ensure that any changes to the conditions in any areas of interest are displays as a Notification on one or more user devices. This service uses an external web-based service but is free to use.

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