Scotland looks forward to biggest ever Push The Boat Out campaign

Published on: 10 April 2017

Article type: General News

Scotland looks forward to its biggest ever Push The Boat Out campaign this summer with as many as 42 clubs and centres signed up.

Scotland RYA Push The Boat OutA record number of clubs and centres all across Scotland have signed up to take part in the annual RYA Push The Boat Out campaign which aims to get as many people out on the water as possible between 13 - 21 May 2017.

As many as 42 clubs and centres will be throwing their doors open and welcoming people to come along and try boating, sailing and windsurfing with them. It is the perfect way to get started and a great excuse to get back on the water if you haven't been out for a while.

Liza Linton, RYA Scotland Development Manager, commented: "Push The Boat Out wouldn't be possible without the help of clubs and centres all over Scotland so we are extremely pleased that so many have registered their events with us. As part of the national campaign to get people out on the water and trying our sport, it is the best opportunity we have to promote the sport and hopefully attract some new members and participants."

We started off with just 12 clubs and centres taking part in 2015 so the increase to 42 really demonstrates just how successful the open events have been in getting more people to experience our sport for the first time and in a way that helps them to stay involved in the future.

Moira Moore, Commodore of Banff Sailing Club, said: "Banff Sailing Club have signed up for Push The Boat Out again this year due to the success we had in attracting people to the event last year. An event like this gives the club a chance to focus solely on speaking to new people interested in sailing and leaves them with a positive experience which hopefully encourages them to integrate into the club in the future. The nationwide publicity for the event with RYA Scotland helps enormously."

For more information about RYA Push The Boat Out click here.

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