Rowing is one of the oldest Olympic sports, and a highlight on the UK's social calendar with events like the University Boat Race (April) and the Henley Regatta (June/July). 

The popularity of rowing owes a lot to the fact that it is accessible to people of all levels of fitness and ability, and can be enjoyed on the UK's rivers, lakes or at sea.

Types of Rowing Boat

The boats come in lots of different sizes (1, 2, 4, 8), and shapes, from modern narrow racing boats to wide stable touring boats to ocean going craft, so offer something for individuals, couples or groups. Generally, the rowers sit in a boat facing backwards and pull two oars fixed in oarlocks to propel the boat forward.

Whether you want to relax, tour, train or compete, rowing does it all.

Did you know?

  • Rowing can be undertaken on lakes, rivers or on the ocean 
  • Rowing is one of the original sports of the Olympic games but is only in it's second time in the Paralympics for 2012
  • It's the only sport where competitors cross the finish line backwards
  • The first Oxford-Cambridge boat race took place in 1829 - Cambridge won!
  • In 1896 Frank Samuelsen & George Harbo of Norway were the first people to row across an Ocean

Boat Shows

Southampton Boat Show 2017 London Boat Show 2018

Two of the biggest in the UK are the London Boat Show and Southampton Boat Show but there are loads of other regional and specialised shows which are great too.

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