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If you're looking for a company or service provider that help you start your love of boating and watersports, then On The Water is here to help:

On The Water can recommend many high quality companies to help you in each of the on-water activities shown in this website, using the dedicated search tool of British Marine - the membership organisation for the leisure marine and superyacht sector.


Buying from a British Marine Member

British Marine Federation

British Marine is the membership organisation for the leisure marine industry and represents over 1,600 marine businesses including boatbuilders, marina operators, sea schools, holiday operators and equipment and service providers. All companies are therefore members of British Marine and adhere to a Code of Practice giving you some assurance that they are carrying out business in accordance with best practice and legal standards.

Some of the areas that the Code of Practice covers include:

  • Best standards of customer service to ensure that members act with honesty and integrity towards their customers
  • Observance of all relevant legal and regulatory requirements, including product and safety regulations
  • Contractual standards that ensure a high standard of responsibility to the customer in every transaction
  • How to deal with customer complaints efficiently & reasonably to ensure that customers continue to receive good customer service
  • Appropriate insurance cover so that customers are protected
Click here for a copy of the British Marine Code of Practice.


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Boat Shows

Southampton Boat Show 2017 London Boat Show 2018

Two of the biggest in the UK are the London Boat Show and Southampton Boat Show but there are loads of other regional and specialised shows which are great too.

Leisure Boating Ideas

British Marine Leisure Boating

Looking for a Boating Holiday? Chartering a boat? Training? Experience days? Find out more from British Marine Leisure Boating - The Training, Charter and Holiday Professionals >