man in a canoe

Boats under £500

Boats under £500

Inflatable two person Canoe

Example: Sevylor Colorado Inflatable Canoe
At around £400 there are a number of these boats which are easy to use and great for exploring inland waters, lakes and rivers.

One person sit-on composite Kayak

Around £400 good multi use kit for surfing, day trips, family fun, exercise, nature watching, scuba and snorkelling, fishing, easy rivers, flat water

Second hand Sailing Dinghy

Example: Topper One man Dinghy

If you search the classified ads in the dinghy magazines - You can hunt down a bargain second hand dinghy!
One man dinghies such as a Topper cost around £300 and are great fun for beginners. It only has one sail so you can put the boat together quickly and get straight on the water.

Wake Board

Example: O'Brien Valhalla 2008

For fast and furious fun on the water you can get a wakeboard package with all the bindings for just under £500. You can then practice at a lake with a cable or find a tow!

Second hand Day / Fishing Boat

Example: Dell Quay Dory 13

Searching second hand boat web sites and magazines will throw up a host of day boats and small fishing boats. At this price you might have to add your own engine if you want power. If you just want to get on the water for a day now and again these are ideal. The more you pay the better the condition of boat is likely to be.

Boat Shows

Southampton Boat Show 2017 London Boat Show 2018

Two of the biggest in the UK are the London Boat Show and Southampton Boat Show but there are loads of other regional and specialised shows which are great too.

Leisure Boating Ideas

British Marine Leisure Boating

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